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BSC previous year question papers are available to download. All question papers of first, second and third year are available. All question papers of ba in rajasthan university are available on our website.

The full form is bachelor in science. There are many different subjects in this course. Some of them are physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and so on. BSC is a undergraduate program provided by rajasthan university (RU) all over rajasthan.

All the colleges affiliated with rajasthan university can run this program. It is one of the most sought after choice for a under graduate college student. It is largely picked up by goverment exam aspirants as the subjects in BSC are also helpful in general competitions. The main campus of rajasthan university is located in jaipur, rajasthan. Rajasthan university is one of the oldest universities in all over rajasthan.

Previous year question papers are very helpful for a student in their college exams. Previous year papers helps a student in understanding the types and format of questions previously asked in the examination and might be helpful for them in their future college examinations. It also helps them to practice already asked question in the previous years.

There are mainly three types of questions asked in college exams. First one of them are very short questions, which consists of 2 marks and should not be answered in more than 60 words. Second types of questions are of 4 marks. Their answer should not be more than 100 words. The third type of question are long questions. You should answer them in around 250 words.